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Taurus offers analytical and consulting services that can assist you in raising EU funds. In doing so, we conduct the necessary audit of the Client’s needs and we help them adjust their investment and development plans according to the appropriate EU programs.


Taurus provides modern IT solutions that benefit our Clients, as well as highly qualified employees for IT and business projects. We employ IT specialists (project managers, analysts, designers, architects, programmers, administrators, testers, and many other IT specialists).

About Us

Taurus Services (Agencja Usługowa Taurus), based in Warsaw, Poland, provides specialist IT services. Our major area of activity is IT staff outsourcing and assistance in our Clients’ businesses processes. We specialise in process optimising and in delivering best IT specialists on an outsourcing basis. Our second area of expertise includes analysing and consulting services, where we can help you prepare and implement innovative investment and development projects based on EU programs.
Our aim is to be a business partner for companies operating in the IT services, telecommunications, banking and insurance, pharmaceutical, industrial, and retail sectors.
Our services are tailored to our Clients’ individual needs.


What is outsourcing?

Broadly speaking, outsourcing involves a temporary job to be done for one company by an employee of another company. Our employees complete our Clients’ projects in the area of creating and implementing modern technologies.

Taurus Services provides outsourcing of individual employees (body leasing) and whole teams (team leasing). This way we help increase our Clients’ productivity and profit.

Taurus Services specialises in offering extremely flexible models of outsourcing cooperation. Our solutions allow enlarging your team of IT specialists at any time. There is no need of full time employment.

Taurus Services offers their Clients the hire of IT specialists for a specific period, i.e. for when they are exactly needed for the project completion. With our modern and flexible IT outsourcing tools we help our Partners optimise both the management processes and the cost of running business projects.

The services we provide are always in line with the needs of our Clients. We make sure that all our projects are run professionally and are not cumbersome to our Partners’ major operations. This way our Clients may focus on running their key area of business and on boosting their competitive edge.

Our guarantee


Swift Implementation

How you can benefit?

  • use our employees’ expertise on a continual basis (we possess a highly developed and effective recruitment system);
  • save your time by employing our Agency to conduct the recruitment process on your behalf;
  • recruit IT specialists for projects on a specified time basis;
  • flexible employment forms allow you to terminate the agreement or refuse to extend it. As our Client, you have the opportunity to quickly react to the changes in how the project is being implemented which may impact the project’s success or failure;. You may have to reduce your budget, work or suspend the project, which may all change the number of staff you need. With the opportunity to redefine the contract with our Agency, you, as our Client, are able to better and more quickly optimise your employment needs;
  • reduce the risk of negative publicity (no fear of missing the periods of notice, and consequently, litigations or damages)
  • have no necessity for payroll management;
  • reduce the risk of staff rotation as a result of wrong candidates recruitment, which we always conduct according to precisely specified expectations and requirements of our Clients;
  • save and better use your financial resources; thanks to our Administration Department’s support, our Clients may transfer their financial resources from the HR and payroll area to those fields that make up the major area of their business involvement;
  • reduce your liability for the employee as we take full responsibility for the staff we delegate to our Clients. Our Agency commits itself to all and any procedures involving our staff;
  • reduce full time employment of your new employees, which leads to cost optimisation;
  • your satisfaction is checked periodically;
  • your employees are verified on a continual basis;
  • you can implement business projects on your own (off-side);
  • we help optimise the management of project processes and implementation costs;
  • we provide individual advice on EU fund raising, adjusted to our Client’s individual needs;
  • we participate in a investment and development project supported by EU resources.


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+48 888 25 35 85